The exact opposite of the exact opposite(photos by: Borbala Soos and Original&theCopy)
15 minutes
Realised with the support of Tenderpixel and the Mondriaan Foundation

The exact opposite of the exact opposite is a performance in two parts that was performed in Tenderpixel, London. In the first part Beckers talks about the comfort he finds in his father's fear of flying, while in the second part he recounts the frustration he felt when he was unabie to damage an office chair he once found on the street. Although the two stories seem to be completely unrelated, they both end in the exact same way with both the artist and his father getting trapped by the props used in the performance.
After the performance these props stayed behind in the exhibition space together with a photograph, where they served both as part of an installation and as a remnant of the live act.

Photographer: Lou Marcellin