The Inevitable Others
HD Video
Realized with the support of Kunsthuis SYB, Beetsterzwaag

In a setting that resembles a talk show, Beckers welcomes three guests who during the video however, don't utter a single word. In their presence he tells three stories about how he likes to do things on his own and which strategies he uses to achieve that. How he goes to the cinema alone for example or how he always tries to escape chance encounters on the street. At the end of these stories it becomes clear however that all these attempts ultimately backfired. Film screenings in the cinema turn to be sold out and instead of avoiding people, Beckers manages to attract even more attention on the street.
The bumper music meanwhile is played by Beckers' father. The spoons he uses to make that music with, prove not be suitable to play a solo on. Thereby mirroring his son's failure to do something on his own.

Camera and Light: Marcel IJzerman
Sound: Levi Westra