A story about my fathers heart attack/Hanging up a family portrait with my mother
7 minutes
Realised with the support of the Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunsten

In this performance Beckers starts with telling a story about his father getting a heart attack. He tells the audience that he was not surprised nor shocked when it happened, because his father’s unhealthy lifestyle already announced a heart attack was bound to happen.
In the second part of the performance Beckers puts this idea into practice, by letting three rather small accidents happen that he literally announces to the audience. In an attempt to hang up a family picture he falls off a ladder, a drill explodes in his hand before the picture finally falls to the floor.
A story about... is an attempt to create a structure where accidents and failures are not only inevitable, but intentional instead.
(photos: Roy Taylor and Lev Ilizirov)